Tattoo FAQs

How do i get hand poked tattoos from Indigenous Tattoo?

  1. Contact us to arrange a free consultation where we’ll discuss your tattoo design, budget, size, placement etc.
  2. Read the rest of this page to answer any questions you have about hand poked tattoos. If you still have any questions, you can ask us during your consultation.
  3. When we’re both happy with the tattoo concept, we’ll book you in for your tattoo appointment. A deposit of 50% is required at this point to confirm your booking.
  4. Turn up to your appointment at our tattoo studio in Bayonne on time and enjoy the experience of getting a hand poked tattoo!

Should i bring anything when i come for my tattoo appointment?

  1. Bring a tube of Bepanthen for us to apply when your tattoo is finished. This also lets us know that you’re going to look after your tattoo properly.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing that allows access to the area to be tattooed and can easily be removed if necessary.
  3. Remember to bring payment for the remaining 50% your tattoo.
  4. Bring something sugary like a chocolate bar or can of Coke just in case you need it during the tattoo.

Will you design a tattoo for me?

Yes, of course we’ll design a tattoo just for you! Tattoo designs fall into 2 categories, “Custom” and “Flash”. Custom tattoo designs are based on your ideas and inspiration, which could be from a t-shirt, poster, woodcarving, jewellery etc. If you show us your ideas, we’ll work with you to create the best possible design, size and placement for your hand poked tattoo. Flash tattoo designs are pre-drawn designs that we’ve got in our Flash Book at a set price which can be tattooed on the spot. Flash designs can also be altered if you want something a little different and the size can also be changed.

Can i bring my own tattoo design?

Yes, of course you can bring your own tattoo design. We’ll let you know if it’s possible to tattoo it, or if changes will have to be made. We won’t reproduce other people’s tattoos, but we’re happy to design something based on existing artwork and ideas.

How much do hand poked tattoos cost?

Please check our Tattoo Price guide in the menu for more info.

When and how do i pay for my hand poked tattoo?

We don’t accept payment by cheque, cash only. At your 1st consultation, a 50% deposit is required to confirm your actual tattoo appointment. The remaining 50% is due when you get your tattoo.

How painful are hand poked tattoos?

Getting hand poked tattoos is generally less painful than getting tattooed by machine. Most people find the initial pain reduces after about 30 mins until about 2-3 hours into a tattoo session. The pain will depend on your general pain threshold and the size and placement of the tattoo. If it’s your 1st tattoo, the pain will probably be less than you imagine. After all, people get tattooed all the time!

Is there anything i can do to reduce the pain of getting a tattoo?

There’s several things you can do to reduce the pain of getting a tattoo. Avoid consuming alcohol, drugs or caffeine the day before and day of your tattoo session. Eat a good meal a couple of hours before getting tattooed. Drink more water for a few days before getting your tattoo.

Can i drink alcohol or take drugs before getting a tattoo?

Just to make sure there’s no confusion, avoid consuming alcohol, drugs or caffeine the day before and day of your tattoo session for several reasons. It’ll decrease your pain threshold and your skin will not accept ink as well as it would under normal conditions.

Can i take painkillers before or during getting a hand poked tattoo?

Under no circumstances should you take aspirin before or during getting hand poked tattoos. It will interfere with the healing process. Some people find that taking ibuprofen allows them to sit more comfortably during longer tattoo sessions but we don’t recommend it.

How long does it take to get hand poked tattoos?

Getting hand poked tattoos generally takes longer than getting tattooed by machine. An average session will last from 1.5hrs-5hrs depending on the complexity of the design and how well your skin takes the ink. Avoiding alcohol the day before and the day of your tattoo will help your skin to take ink a lot better. This applies for all types of tattoos.

Where on my body can i get a hand poked tattoo from Indigenous Tattoo?

We’re happy to tattoo almost any part of the human body, depending on several factors. If this is your 1st tattoo, we won’t tattoo your face, head, neck or hands. If you have lots of tattoos, we’re happy to tattoo you pretty much wherever you want. On occasion, if we don’t think it’s appropriate, we’ll refuse to tattoo certain designs or body parts.

Can i get HIV from hand poked tattoos?

There’s never been a documented case of “getting AIDS” from a tattoo. It takes 100 microlitres of blood (approx 10 drops of blood) and a deep intramuscular puncture to transmit the HIV virus. The needles we use for hand poked tattoos are solid core needles, not hollow like a syringe. Therefore, since HIV does not live outside the human body for very long, it is extremely unlikely.

What if my hand poked tattoo needs touching up?

We’re happy to offer free touch-ups on any of our tattoos.

Can i get tattooed over a Scar?

It’s our choice if we choose to tattoo over an existing scar. Some scars can be tattooed over, but we can’t guarantee the quality of our work because scar tissue often won’t take ink as well as normal skin. Scars need to heal for at least 2 years before we’ll consider tattooing over them. There’s often more pain getting tattooed over scar tissue. There are also certain designs that won’t work well with scars.

If i’m pregnant or nursing can i get a hand poked tattoo?

We don’t advise getting a tattoo while pregnant or nursing for several reasons. Getting tattooed when pregnant can result in a lighter than expected tattoo because the mother’s using all her body’s resources for her and her baby. Getting tattooed when nursing can result in inferior healing due to the extra antibodies being produced by the mother. The birth of a child is a very important moment that many choose to celebrate with a new tattoo, but we feel that waiting a bit longer will result in a much better tattoo.

Are there any other restrictions about who can get tattooed at Indigenous Tattoo?

Even though French law allows it, we will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18. At your 1st consultation, we will also ask you to fill out a short disclaimer with a few questions regarding your health. Depending on your answers to those questions (such as you being HIV+) we might have to refuse to tattoo you.

What happens if i can’t make my appointment to get tattooed?

If you can’t make it to your tattoo appointment, please contact us asap to reschedule. Failure to notify us that you won’t be able to make your appointment at least 48 hours (2 days) in advance, will result in the loss of your deposit. Your 1st consultation can be cancelled at any time, but we would appreciate you giving us advanced notice if possible.

I have another question that hasn’t been covered in these FAQs, what should i do?

Please contact Indigenous Tattoo if you have any other questions about getting tattooed and our services.

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