Tatoueur Anglet

Tatoueur Anglet?

Have you misspelt “Tatoueur Anglet” or are you looking for a tattoo artist or studio near Anglet in France? Indigenous Tattoo is just around the corner in Bayonne and we specialise in Hand Poked Tattoo.

What is a Hand Poked Tattoo?

A Hand Poked Tattoo is created without using a tattoo machine. Hand Poked Tattoos are less painful and heal quicker than machine tattoos, but they take a bit longer. Almost all of our clients say they prefer getting tattooed by hand rather than with a tattoo machine.

What is Indigenous Tattoo?

Indigenous Tattoo is a tattoo studio where we create Hand Poked Tattoo designs inspired by spirituality, indigenous cultures, authentic tribal tattoos and ignorant art. We love authentic tribal tattoos, Marquesan (and other Polynesian tattoos), Sak Yant (Thai tattoos), Mehndi (Henna, Indian, Arabic), Iban (Borneo), Haida (Native American) as well as Ignorant Tattoo style.

How much is a hand poked tattoo at Indigenous Tattoo?

Our prices are similar to most other tattoo artists. The price of a tattoo depends mainly on the time it will take to complete, due to the complexity of the design, the size and the placement. Please let us know your tattoo budget when booking your 1st free consultation, then work out what we can do around your price range. The Minimum Price (for a very small tattoo) is €70.

Prices for large pieces (like a full sleeve or back piece) are calculated on a rate of €50 per hour. This is because hand poked tattoos take a bit longer than machine tattoos, so our hourly rates are quite a bit cheaper. We also have a Tattoo Flash Book containing our original artwork with fixed prices for each design.

You can see our tattoo work in our hand poked Tattoo Gallery. Find out more about getting a Hand Poked Tattoo and about the Hand Poked Tattoo Artists working at Indigenous Tattoo Studio. Please Contact Us for bookings and general enquiries. We also have Hand Poked Tattoos FAQS and a guide to Tattoo Prices. All rights reserved Indigenous Tattoo.