Tattoo Artists

Tatoueur Bayonne Nick

We’re hand poked tattoo artists and brothers (Nick and Jamie) who grew up in London and now live near Bayonne, S.W. France. We have a mixed ancestry from several Indigenous Cultures in Finland, Karelia & Scotland. Investigating our family history sparked our interest in indigenous art, cultures and authentic tribal tattoo art.

Tatoueur Bayonne Jamie

We travel as much as possible to experience different cultures. We’ve visited Borneo, Cambodia, Japan, N. America, Malaysia, the Philippines, Morocco, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Palestine & Israel as well as a lot of European countries like Finland, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary etc. Along the way, we’re been building up a reference library of indigenous art, ethnic culture and authentic tribal tattoo art.

Hand Poked Tattoo Artists

We specialise as hand poked tattoo artists as we feel it’s the most authentic way to create tattoos inspired by indigenous and tribal cultures. Not only is it a way to create authentic looking tattoos, but also recreate some of the spirit in which those original tattoos were created. Getting a hand poke tattoo from us is more of a spiritual experience than getting inked in a standard tattoo shop. Of course there’s pain involved, but that’s just the nature of getting a tattoo.

Hand Poked Tattoo Artists

We’ve been professional artists since 2003 under the name ‘Pistache Artists’. We’ve become well-known for hand painting surfboards, skateboards and murals all around the world. All this time spent creating our art has given us a different perspective from other tattoo artists and we hope you find our work original and inspiring.

Hand Poked Tattoo Artists

There are many people who’ve helped us in our tattoo journey, but we’d like to say special thanks to our family.  We’d also like to thank machine and hand poke tattoo artists Boo Tattoo (Embody Tattoo Derby), Kai (Graphicaderme Avignon), Joel (New Tattoo Studio Montfort), Carla (#1 Tattoo Canvas), Ferank Manseed (Northside Tattooz), Daniel DiMattia (Calypso Tattoo Belgium), Fliquet Renouf (Stained Nation Tattoo Lounge) & Hannah Aitchison (Curiosity Shop).

Tatoueur Bayonne